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The Cosmopolitan Hotel Trentham 1800's

The Heart of Trentham...

Sitting proud on the corner of High Street and Cosmo Road, The Cosmopolitan has long held a place in the heart of the Trentham community.

Built circa 1866, its sweeping weatherboard verandahs have witnessed countless local stories. It’s the pub on the corner where your grandfather might have had his first lemonade, and his first beer, just as his father had done before him.
But, in 2005 The Cosmopolitan story took an unexpected turn when fire ravaged the iconic pub.

To New Beginnings.

2009 marked a new beginning for The Cosmo with new owners driven by a vision of the pub’s glory days – of exceptional food, wine and the company of great friends – their plans to rebuild and restore The Cosmo became the talk of the town.

The project was to be one of a labour of love and patience given the enormity of damage to the building. Late 2009 marked the opening of The Cosmopolitan Gardens, a magnificent beer garden/alfresco dining area shaded by century-old elms. 

In 2010 restoration of the historic stables and conversion to a bar and restaurant was completed. To the delight of the owners and locals alike, December 2012 marked the grand opening of the newly rebuilt Cosmopolitan hotel – back to it’s former glory!

The fire at The Cosmopolitan Hotel Trentham

And a little more history...
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